small steps, big outcomes

“Special Education Tutoring has many benefits for children with Learning Difficulties.”

Phillip Baldock, M.Ed., B.Ed., COGE.

Qualified Special Education Teacher,

Learning Coach, Mentor & Tutor.


Parents often ask me to help them with their child. They want to know what the obstacles are that prevent their child from learning and how to reduce these barriers. I believe all children can learn and I can help improve the learning outcomes for each individual. I have taught children of all ages with abilities/disabilities and learning difficulties and can recommend adjustments to assist students with special needs, to learn. I am a specialist in this area. One to one tutoring is a way to ensure improvement in learning and success in life for students with special needs. I strongly believe in the importance of an individualised learning opportunity.

Director: Phillip Baldock M.Ed., B.Ed, COGE.

Qualified Special Education Teacher, Learning Coach, Mentor and Tutor.

One of the greatest opportunities a parent/grandparent or carer can give a student with a disability is one to one tutoring with a qualified special educator. Students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, ADD, Language Processing Difficulties, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disorders or any other learning related challenges can achieve success with their learning in a one to one learning environment because:

These are some of the many benefits that a special education tutor can provide for a student with significant learning needs.